A Few Things Non Members Need..

Hello Jammers! Hope you're having a good Thursday! Today I'm going to be talking about a few things, I think non members should get. (I didn't just do this because I'm a non member guys, trust me XD I had this idea in my mind for a few days, but now that I AM a non member, I think its time.)

1. More Animal Slots
Okay, we need this. 
badly.  With non members recently gaining: Pigs, giraffes, and rhinos, I think enabling non members to have 2-10 (if not more) animal slots, considering members have one thousand?? 
Something's not right here AJHQ.. There are 11 non member animals, we'll get to that next. 

2. Animals that members don't use. 

Such as these, I'm really sure non members would appreciate elephants for gag looks, and crocs actually are a pretty good animal if you do it right! And there are a few more,  all the underwater only animals. Maybe otters, possibly horses,  


We literally have the den called 'Small House' 
I think sense members have Cosmo's Treehosue, non members should have Cosmo's den, sense members have Greely's Volcano (Or fortress?) Non members should have the volcano den; the next one is more iffy, but because members have the Winter Palace, non members should have a snow fort. 

4. Free chat?  

5. 1,000 item spaces, for members 1,500 (And make it so items and pets dont move in your inventory)

All the new cotton candy! 

Claw: Normal cone(white), white, orange, yellow

Star: star cone, yellow

Sun: star cone, Yellow orange orange 

Phantom king:, Star cone plus normal phantom stuff 

Rainbow: Lightning cone, blue yellow pink 

Heart: Heart cone, pink, 


  1. Nice post! All those features should be added for nonmembers, they deserve them

  2. Awesome post, Sarah! I totally agree, nonmembers need all of those things! :0

  3. You can get free chat as a nonmember by emailing AJHQ... I did that.


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