SO sorry! D:

I am SOOOO sorry guys!
I forgot to post!
We were busy cleaning for my Brother and Sister in law, this is the first time she's been to our house and my mom wanted it super clean so we're doing a lot of cleaning.
And my mom told me that we won't be able to be on the computer while their here.
So Gracie, can you or one of the other authors post for me on Saturday? (sorry for the kinda late notice)
They are going to leave I think Tuesday? Maybe Monday, so promise to post then.
But here is a little thing I want to post, I think it was last week, the impersonator, came to Sarah's den and we were kinda talking for a little bit.
I asked them if they wanted to be part of the 'Blogger Group' and they said they would like to.
I hope your not kidding Sloth, because we would let you into the group.
All you would have to do is stop pretending to be one of the other bloggers, and maybe post a 'I'm sorry' comment?
Everyone please allow him, I know a few of you are kinda upset at him. But if he's really seriously, why would we say no and possibly have him start again?
Please think it over, Sloth and Bloggers. :)

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Gotcha covered, Ja! :D

    Remember, God made YOU!


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