Outfit Ideas!

Heyyyyy there Jammers! Saraaaaaaaahkey8 back with another post!
Today's post is going to be about outfit ideas!
Without further adooo

Classic School Girl: 

RIM Butterfly Hair Bow: Trade 
Arctic Amulet: 1 diamond/trade
Panda Power Backpack: Code; POWERBACKPACK 
Ice Armor tail: 2 diamonds/trade
Jamaaliday Leg Armor: Trade

Mi Dear Band Member: 
French braid: 350 gems
 Eclipse Necklace: Trade
Violin: Jam Session Party-450 gems

Total Amount: 800 gems 

News Reporter: 

Nerd Glasses: Trade
Camera: Trade
Mysterious Cloak: 2 diamonds 

Total Amount: 2 diamonds 

Baby Lynx:  

Spring Baby Bonnet: Trade
Spring Worn: Trade
Turquoise Bracelet: 1,250

Total Amount: 1,250

School Nerd: (Colors changeable) 

Nerd Glasses-Trade
Butterfly Wristband-Trade

I'm sorry for this short post guys, but thats all for now! Byeeeeeeeeee


  1. Oooo, great post idea!!! My favorite outfits are the Classic Schoolgirl and Baby Lynx! :D

  2. Cool outfitideas! I feel like when I make outfit ideas for my blog they are kinda boring.

    1. I really like it when people make outfit ideas actually! I enjoy yours :D


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