Computer Repairs!

Hello folks, Arctic here on a device that is not mine!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make regular posts for about a week. Backstory time!

*flashback music begins*


One day, almost a week ago now, I was noticing something funny going on with my computer. Though it was plugged in, the battery was draining- rapidly!! I left it alone, and it went down to 3%!

The next morning it ended up quitting completely, and I haven't gotten it to work since. Today (err, yesterday for when you read this post) I took it to the Apple Store to see what's up! Unfortunately, I had to leave my dear computer there for a checkup - and I won't be getting it back for quite a while. I also don't know if it will or can be fixed- so it might be a while 'til I can post properly!

I'm currently trying to figure out a system in which I can post, but so far I don't really have any options. I'm not really even allowed on this current computer (which I'm posting on now) for long!

So, I shall try and find a way! Until then, go and be golden!

- Arctic (I don't have access to my files on this computer so the signature photo won't be around for a while haha)


  1. D: D: Hope your computer gets fixed quickly Arctic!!

  2. Darn computers, one of our computers always seems to have a problem!


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