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Well hello there bloggers! Today I will be doing something a little different today for my post, I will be doing a play with my pets, and sense I am nonmember the only pets I will be able to do is; hamsters XD
But you should be able to know which hamster you sense every bloggers has a color theme (like for me brown and green, for Cat, grey and red, Sarah icy blue ETC)
I will be doing a few of these so don't worry if your not in the first one.
K I think ya'll are interested in seeing it so I'll stop typin and get snappin. XD
Oh and please excuse the bad editing XD
:gets a bit teary listening to Proof of Your Love by For King and Country:

Ja: hmmmm
Sarah: What is it Ja? 
Ja: These scrolls say there there is ancient treasure, hidden here in Jamaa! 
Sarah: :chokes on cookie: Woah! Really?! 
Ja: Yeah! 

Sarah: So how do we find it? A map, a bunch a riddled clues?
Ja: Both
Sarah: oh, hehe
Ja: We're going to need some help, let's call up a few of the bloggers! 
Sarah: Good idea! 

Custard: What is it Ja and Sarah? 
Snow: Yeah what is this about a treasure? 
Cat: Do you know who wrote it? 
Ja: Custard We found a map saying there is a treasure somewhere. 
Sarah: Snow We want to go looking for the treasure. 
Ja: And Cat, no we don't.
Custard, Cat, Snow: Oh
Ja: Sarah where are the rest of the bloggers? 
Sarah: They either couldn't come, or their out somewhere. 
Ja: Maybe we'll meat them on the way. 
Cat: So what's the first clue? 
Ja: "There by the sea, you will find me, brown made of brass, in glass." 
Sarah: "by the sea," that has to mean Crystal Sands 
Snow: It seem kinda easy ..... 
Custard: Maybe finding it will be harder. 
Cat: Well at least we don't have to go out of Jamaa, so let's go check around Crystal Sands

Custard: We're been searching for 2 hours guys, I don't think it's here 
Cat: I think Custard is right
Ja: Yeah 
Sarah: But if it's not here where is it? 
Snow: :thinks: well, this isn't the only place in Jamaa with water that runs into the ocean, 
Cat: Yeah, there is also Coral Canyons, Kimbara Outback, and Temple of Zios ...
Ja: but that'll take all day to search 
Sarah: well do you want that treasure or not?
Ja: of course I do
Sarah: well then let's keep looking, let's start with Kimbara.

Custard: Hey guys look! It's Gfox! 
Ja: Hi Fox! 
Sarah: How's it going? 
Gfox: I'm doing ok, what are you guys doing way out here? 
Cat: Ja found some scrolls saying there is a treasure in Jamaa! 
Gfox: Cool! Can I help! 
Sarah: Sure! 6 hamsters are better then 5! 
Ja: We tried to call you before, but you were home
Gfox: I came out here to do some school work, but I just finished. 
Snow: Great! 
Gfox: So what should I look for? 
Cat: The clue is, "There by the sea, you will find me, brown made of brass, in glass"
So I think we're looking something in a glass bottle, 
Gfox: Glass bottle, like this one? :pulls glass bottle out from behind back:
Ja: Fox can I see that?
Gfox: sure! I found it when I sat down to do my homework
Ja: Nope nothing in it. 
Snow: awww 
Gfox: wait there was something in it, it was a brown piece of metal! 
Custard: "Brown made of brass" That has to be it! 
Gfox: But it's not the treasure it was just a old piece of metal,
Snow: Maybe it's part of the treasure or will help us find it. 
Gfox: I didn't think of that, I'll help you look I just threw it somewhere I think over there by the beams of the bridge. 
Custard: Yup it's right here! 
Cat: looks like brass knuckles 
Sarah: It also looks like it was broken in half or something. 
Ja: Well we figured out the first clue, so let's continue! 
Snow, Cat, Custard Gfox: Yeah! 

I hope you enjoyed this post everyone! 
Type in next time to see what happens next! 
Comment Call: Tell me what you thought of the story! 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Ooo! I like this! Good job!! :D

    Lol, I read this out loud to Koolest and she likes it too! XD


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