Boarded-Up Window, Diamond Brick Idea, Language Glitch and Giveaway

Penguin is here again for another Saturday post!
I wasn't able to post last Saturday due to school. I was studying for most of the day and went to the gym. My life's been busy, but that won't stop me from posting. I won't be quitting anytime soon, even if I miss some days on posting. It happens. That's something every Blogger needs to know- you can't be perfect.
For the update post today, we'll begin with the new item. It can be found in Jam Mart Furniture.
Earlier today I went to the Epic Wonders store. There are currently three types of bricks: Gold, Silver and Bronze. But what if there was a Diamond Brick? I think it would be a great collector's item. It would look just like the other bricks, though it'd be made out of Diamond.
Another thing I have to share with you is a new glitch. I was editing my "Halloween" den and had a message pop up. Obviously, my language for AJ is set to English, but apparently AJHQ didn't want it that way.
This was an interesting glitch. The Spanish language made its way onto an English server.
Finally, October 10th marks my third year of Blogging. On that date in 2014 I began my blog, The Animal Jam Spring, and got help from multiple people to make it great. I eventually evolved into a much better Blogger and joined The Animal Jam Community in early 2016. My journey of blogging has come far, and to thank everyone that's been supporting me, I'm hosting a giveaway. The prize is a short yellow spiked wristband, and to enter, you just have to fill out the Google Form linked below. I'm really thankful for everyone I've met over these years!
I'm going to end this post now, but I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you all in my next post!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is actually a REALLY good idea Penguin! That would look really cool :o

    And aw! That's super generous Penguin! :D


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