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Hello Jammers!
Welcome back to another Grace2092 post every friday for your entertainment!

Today I will be discussing about "What you think" and the Animal Jam Safety Contest I threw last week :D

Well first off, I will remind everyone what we did last week "Animal Jam Safety Contest",
I asked multiple jammers to write down in the comment section how to be safe on Animal Jam when around a bad scammer,
Whoever writes the best short "story" wins a Cocoa Machine, well, I am quite impressed,

"Scammers can be sneaky and it sometimes hard to tell if they're trying to get you. If you do not want to be scammed or lose your items, make sure that you use the trading system. You will have the right to accept or decline a trade (unlike sending gifts), so you can find out if the trade is fair or not. Don't trust anyone who wants to "flash-trade", "gift" or anything else that does not have to do with regular trading; EVEN IF IT'S A FRIEND YOU KNOW FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!! Friends can sometimes buddy you just to find a way to trick you! I had that experience before... it didn't really go well but I didn't fall for it at the end.

You can gift people only for these reasons:

- Because it is your trustful friend's birthday
- Because you feel bad for your friend and you want to cheer him/her up
- Because you want to giveaway free items to non-rare people (if they're non-member, just trade with them)

Those were just some tips on preventing scamming. I hope you understand and agree with me! :D

~ Krazygirl95"

Congrats Krazygirl95! You are the lucky winner of a Cocoa Machine! Congrats once again, you have put beautiful detail into your doc and I really feel like there was a bit of passion in how you experienced your dreadful AJ scamming trauma. D:
Though, I must say, you are an excellent writer! CONGRATS!


All the new things in the Animal Jam Journal are pretty cool, eh?
I mean now we have a chat room and peacocks and a new den theme,
hyenas are leavin- wait? WHAT?!?
Hyenas are leaving D:

There are a lot of positives in the Journal but lets talk about the chat room,
ONLY MEMBERS TESTING? Yes, I know I am a member so its not a big deal to me but what about the non-members, maybe some people have families that cant afford a membership.
Does that mean that non-members should not be treated the same? Does that make Animal Jam a fun and safe zone environment?

Peacocks- Witch one did you choose?

Hyenas, why do you want them to leave or not want them to leave?

Please write in the comment section what your opinions are about the Chat Room especially,
the others please help yourself to tell what your opinions were about that.
Animal Jam Community Blog wants you to express your feelings so you feel like
your in a safe environment to where no one will judge you, you feel safe as if we were right there having the conversation with you :)

+ PLUS I have one more update!
Since we have the evacuation theme, I saw that they put up some crates "Wood Crates"
buy them at Jam Mart Furniture for 750 gems :D
"Sorry can not put up a picture some technical difficulties"

Keep Jamming and be safe,

Contacts me at


  1. non members cant have their own personal wall but they can comment on members walls

  2. Great post, Grace!

    Congratulations Krazy, and great work!

    It is rather unfair that the Jammer Wall is only for members, however AJHQ promised that it would be for everyone someday; hopefully they keep their word!

    I voted for Armadillos in the Pet Voting Contest. I hope they come soon!

    I wasn't initially a fan of this new Jammer Wall. It seemed a lot more like an addition to social media than to a fun kids game about animals and nature. However, I believe I am being too picky. I may try it out in the future as a tool to help me with the Animal Jam Community (i.e. asking people for suggestions to posts, etc. on the Jammer Wall). As of now, though, my Jammer Wall is closed, and I am planning to keep it that way for a while!

    I have to say I really like those nice backgrounds on the Jammer Wall though...

    Happy Jamming!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post Grace!

    I agree with Arctic, I don't care much for the Jammer Wall. I think JAGs are just fine to communicate with. However, non-members can comment on others' walls. Which is really awesome! One thing I do wish AJHQ adds to the Jammer Wall, is replying to a certain comment. If I comment on someone else's Jammer Wall, I don't know if they reply or not without checking it constantly.

  4. Yaay Krazy! Congrats on winning!

    I personally kinda like the Jammer Wall, although AJHQ needs to update it a bit. The clothes don't show up on your animal yet :1 And I also agree with mldriver, replying to a specific comment WOULD be a good addition!

    I voted for peacocks, I LOVE peacocks, and I also told AJHQ to make peacock avatars! Maybe they got the idea for the pets from that? Maybe someday peacock AVATARS will be released! Do you jammers think that animal would be a good addition?

    As for the hyenas, I wish they wouldn't leave so soon! Maybe if they stayed a while longer, people would start noticing them more, and they would become a popular animal! I hate that almost NO ONE uses hyenas :(

    1. I think that would be a great addition (I would also like them to add piggies)!

      I like hyenas, and use it quite a bit. I think they are really cute and well designed!

  5. I love this post! Thanks for the tips, I've been scammed multiple times for believing a jammer. Her username is Before Anyone. If you've seen her, she's known for scamming. She has about 4 headdresses and multiple spiked collars and wrists..


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