Rare Item Monday!

Greetings, Jammers. Welcome to yet another post! Can you believe today's post is the 900th post on the Animal Jam Community? Wait until we get to 1000 posts - then we will REALLY have something to celebrate!

Sold for 650 gems in the Medical Centre, I bring you the Rare Stethoscope! Wow, AJHQ is really feeling like giving us a lot of Medical items lately! Although I am not a huge fan of re-coloured items being dubbed rare, I do like the colours that AJHQ picked for this rare. I also like the fact that they are bringing more attention to the Medical Centre. As if that isn't already great, the price is excellent for a rare item - not too expensive! Be sure to buy this item today!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Widdershins: Counter-clockwise.

Pronounced (WIDD- er - shins) this word is absolutely unique. The more you say it, the funnier it gets. Not only that, but to think that it is an alternate name for such a common term. Try saying this to someone instead of counter-clockwise next time, and see how they react!

Our fact of the day:

Slugs have four noses.

Err. Well... Interesting? Try walking randomly up to one of your friends/family members and saying this fact completely out of the blue, and then walking away as if nothing happened!

Happy Jamming, see you next week!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. 1. *Says sarcastically* Oh yay! Another retextured item. It is so exciting to have these every week...... -.-

    2 Oh! I got a sentence for that word:
    "The hurricane starts to turn in a widdershins manner."

    3. Ok that fact is very strange. I wonder if slugs can smell in different directions since they have multiple noses! :D


    1. 1. Oh, joy.
      2. Great sentence!
      3. That would be so cool if it were true!

      - Arctic

  2. WOW. I have no idea what to think about slugs now. The RIM is good enough though, pretty colors, and I like how they are giving the Medical Center more attention. I feel bad for all the forgotten places in AJ, especially the Aquarium. Tierney makes this nice little welcoming video, but no one even sees it! I hope AJ helps make those places new again!

    1. I was quite unsure of how to react as well!

      I do hope that something happens that will bring more attention to some of these unpopular places in Jamaa!

      - Arctic


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