Safety and Contest!

Hello Fellow Jammers!

Today we are discussing about Animal Jam Safety and a New Contest that I thought would be delightful for everyone who wants to win a ______ :D

When I say safety I am not going to make this big speech about how to be "safe" by not sharing your password and all, I am going to talk to you about something I have been witnessing.

Scammers will say "Send me a Rare Spike Collar and I will give you my outfit!" And then a minute later that person would disappear with leaving another Jammer crying saying, "He scammed me!"

So I know this sounds cheesy but TRADE ONLY do not send people gifts! Animal Jam Community wants to keep Animal Jam safe and also keep on organized updates ;) So we say please use the trading card and make sure to be as safe as you can because scammers are not jammers, there mean old hammers! Ok that was weird but hammers hurt.

Since we have nothing updated in the stores, I have a contest for you :D

Whoever can comment down in the comment section (or email me) a Short Professional Layout about Animal Jam and how to keep it Safe, then I will give the special winner a.....

I will post the Winners Layout next Friday :D

Keep Jamming and be safe

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  1. I believe that you should only be able to gift your buddies. Also animal jam should monitor all trade. This way they can have a permanent record of who scammed whom and when.
    Unikitty777 :3

  2. I don't want the cocoa machine, because I'm nm and you can't send me it, but..

    On animal jam using the trade system is important to keep everyone safe. Club Penguin doesn't use a trading system and you never hear about scams on there :P

  3. Example: today I was scammed ): and I didn't get the user. If it was monitored, ajhq could ban the person and give back the items quickly..

  4. Scammers can be sneaky and it sometimes hard to tell if they're trying to get you. If you do not want to be scammed or lose your items, make sure that you use the trading system. You will have the right to accept or decline a trade (unlike sending gifts), so you can find out if the trade is fair or not. Don't trust anyone who wants to "flash-trade", "gift" or anything else that does not have to do with regular trading; EVEN IF IT'S A FRIEND YOU KNOW FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!! Friends can sometimes buddy you just to find a way to trick you! I had that experience before... it didn't really go well but I didn't fall for it at the end.

    You can gift people only for these reasons:

    - Because it is your trustful friend's birthday
    - Because you feel bad for your friend and you want to cheer him/her up
    - Because you want to giveaway free items to non-rare people (if they're non-member, just trade with them)

    Those were just some tips on preventing scamming. I hope you understand and agree with me! :D

    ~ Krazygirl95

    1. P.S. - Wow! What a long comment. Still fast to read it though. X3

      ~ Krazygirl95

  5. An excellent way to expose Jammers to the harmful outcomes of scamming/hacking, and to get us thinking about how we can prevent it. Bravo, Grace! :)

    Spirit Author

  6. If you see a jammer saying " PLEASE SEND ME _________, I GOT HACKED!", remember that they may be lying. If you want to know for sure, look at all their animals. If any of the animals have good rares or betas on, it means they are lying, and you shouldn't send them gifts. Even if they edited all their animals, unless you have proof, DO NOT send them anything, or you might be the one telling jammers to send YOU somethng soon! And remember to BE A JAMMER, NOT A SCAMMER!!

  7. Since my comment is too long, I'll link it instead. (For the hot cocoa machine, I'm planning to do a real giveaway for it, lottery style :) )


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