Beanie and Play Wild!

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to another post!

Today's new item is the Beanie. It's quite stylish, but it might be a little warm to wear in the summer.
If you want to purchase one, check out the Summer Carnival, selling beanies for 2,000 tickets!

If you have recently visited  the Daily Explorer, you can find a "Play Wild" tab on the left! 

It says," Animal Jam-Play Wild! is coming to mobile very soon! If you're living in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada, it's already available on iOS 7.1+ on iPads 2nd gen and newer!"

Sadly, I don't live in any of those places. But, when Animal Jam does release it for the U.S., I will be sure to show you!

That's all for today Jammers, see you in Jamaa!

Comment Call:
Were you a beta tester for PlayWild?


  1. Yes, I was supposed to be but I did not know how to get on the thing. I was approved and everything D: Though I still got a prize :D

  2. Great post Mldriver!

    I do not have an android, so I was unable to be a tester. That's too bad!

    Hooray, that means I will be able to get the app now! I probably won't though; I am fine with regular Animal jam, and I don't have much time to play games >.<

    - Arctic

  3. Sadly I didn't get accepted in time to be in beta testing :( Oh well though! I can't WAIT till it comes out in the USA!

  4. I joined AJ on August 2010. Of course I was a beta tester. I LOVED the beta times! Now AJ changed and it is no longer the way it used to be (sadly)...

    I'm in Canada, so I can get the app now (though I won't do that because I don't really play on tablets, etc.)! :P



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