Jamaa Journal VOL. 151 Bounce House

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! Today is update day, as usual, Animal Jam was late to release the Jamaa Journal. But, it's here now!

Page 1
On the first page of the Jamaa Journal, it introduces the new Bounce House den! It's sold in the Diamond Shop for five diamonds. The other dens you can buy (for the same price), are Cosmo's Den and the Sol Arcade Den. 

I think this den would be great for throwing summer parties. There isn't a lot of yard space, and the endless jumping could become annoying. What are your thoughts about it? 

Page 2:
On the second page of the Jamaa Journal, there is an article about "Jamaalidays in July". You can attend the regular Jamaaliday Jam party on July 24th-July 26th. 

Page 4:
On page four, it talks about new Summer Carnival items! I really like the balloon items because of their animation. And on the right, there is a reminder for traveling Hyenas!  I wish Hyenas were more popular; their design is really unique. 

That's mostly all the new features in the Jamaa Journal. 

On page 3, it talks about Battle of the Beacon, and you will only have a few weeks left to play it. 
On page 5, it just shows an ad for the ferret retail gift-card bonus. 

What do you think of the update? Let me know!

That's all for today Jammers, See you in Jamaa!


  1. I thought the new update was quite disappointing. I was expecting and awesome den. I give this update 1/5

  2. I think the update is "meh". The only good thing about this update is the Jamaalidays in July. All of these things are boring and not good news:

    1. The bouncy castle is (of course) another den that is sold for diamonds. That is what is really annoying about the dens we're getting today. Also, the den is not my type, I go for small dens that are relaxing and all. The only things I like about this den is that it fits well for parties and it has a beautiful scenery of a pine forest in the background. I wouldn't buy it if you don't host parties or something like that. I might buy it someday just for fun but there's a big chance I won't.

    2. That Adventure is leaving, like all other (boring event) Adventures. Maybe next time, they should make the story Adventures LIKE THEY USED TO! I wanna see what happens at the Phantom Fortress! I wish AJHQ could put the past story Adventures for non-members. APPARENTLY they're still being "tested" by members when The Hive (a member Adventure after a non-member Adventure) was released 2 years ago. TWO. YEARS. AGO. C'mon, AJHQ! I want my non-member friends to play those Adventures with me! But nooo! They can only play THREE Land Adventures while there is only ONE Ocean Adventure. So in total, non-members can play 4 over the 11 Adventures! THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST UNFAIR THINGS I'VE SEEN! THE OTHER STUFF THAT ARE BEING "TESTED" BY MEMBERS ARE MORE OF LIKE "WILL FOREVER BE USED BY MEMBERS ONLY"! AND NO MORE STORY ADVENTURES?! I WANT TO FACE THE PHANTOMS! THE LAST STORY ADVENTURE WAS AROUND I THINK SEPTEMBER OR AUGUST WHICH WAS LAST YEAR! I DON'T WANT ANOTHER LEAVING ADVENTURE, I WANT A REAL ONE!!!!!!!!!! *takes a deep breath and stays silent for a few minutes* Now, to the next disappointing thing. :I

    3. Great, another leaving animal. Let me guess, they travel and they don't discover anything new like a land or animal for us to enjoy. You think there will be something exciting after they come back like in a few months? Maybe but it NEVER happens. They might go back to the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. The last exciting thing about traveling animals were the koalas when they left to find a new land which was like more than 2 years ago. This new land is Kimbara Outback. Sadly, it needs more attention.

    4. Ok I have nothing to say about the gift card bonus. But the thing I hate about it is that pet ferrets might go to the Diamond Shop and it is really unfair for someone who renewed their membership before the bonus and now they have to buy them for diamonds if they ever come out instead of getting them for free by redeeming a card....

    I'm sorry, but there's more bad news than good news here. This update is disappointing. VERY disappointing. -_-


  3. Krazy-
    I totally agree! I was like " yes there's gonna be a new den today! This is gonna be the best!" But a bounce house den?!? REALLY AJHQ?!?! I was very disappointed

  4. Love it! I think it's so great that while we went for the house's point of view, we picked different houses. So much fun! inflatable moonwalks


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