Leaf Fan, Strange Glitches, and Neon Bows+arrows!

Hello again! I love posting *^^* It keeps me busy, and I enjoy doing it! Anywho!

Today we have a leaf fan sold in Treetop Gardens for 400 gems!

I really love this item! It is very cute, and very nature inspired! When you click it, the leaves even spin! How cute! XD Moving on!

Jammers25127 sent it a very odd glitch just the other day!
Thankyou Jammers25127 for sending this in!
Oh my, I have never seen this before- though it is definitely not unheard of! How peculiar, a tree house mixed with a burrow? Not only that, her buddies den mixed with hers? Wow O.o Uh oh, I feel a bit of unnecessary humour coming on...

"When I grew up, mama told me I could be anything! I couldn't decide, so I chose to become a tree house mixed with an burrow!" ~ The Den  

Ignore that! First rule about Arcticstar: NEVER LET HER CRACK JOKES (they usually suck if you haven't noticed >.<)

Shiver... Never... Again...

Fieryne-Skyz requested that I talk about neon bows- and talk I shall! I'm sure many of you have seen these cool items around Jamaa! Lots of people seem to want them- as they are not in stores, and as far as I can tell- have not been released previously. I have heard people saying that there is a special code for them, that there is a gift card, or that they called AJHQ for one (that seems unlikely). It is probably from the Forgotten Desert. I know that the "eagle mission" (as it is often called) has been known to present Jammers with unreleased items- I got my lily rug a few days before it even came into stores. Back to the point, though it is very cool and "rare" I wouldn't trade all kinds of extreme rares (since when were rares extreme?) for it. For those people that have it- good on you! Enjoy it! And make sure not to get it scammed away from you. For those who want one- keep trading! I'm sure you will get one- if trading isn't your thing- maybe you can get it from the Forgotten Desert! Best of luck to those seeking it! (I feel over enthusiastic for some reason =.=) See, I've always had problems controlling myself when it comes to exclamation points... Okay! Keeping on topic!

Lastly, the Daily Explorer has made a new post about the otter video: Otterly Fun! Check out the post here! Could this be hinting at the otters coming soon? When could they be coming? Tell me in the comments what YOU think!

Goodbye Jammers!

Adventure awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me, whether it's codes, glitches, or questions, you can contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. Otters will be coming tomorrow, but there's a high chance they'll be in the Diamond Shop sadly. Anywho, I also love the new item, it does remind you of nature! And that glitch looks scary, I wouldn't want that to happen to my den! Why haven't I heard of this glitch before?! o.o

    I go to the Eagle Adventure daily so maybe I can get my dream items without trading (a LOT of people decline my trade requests). I got several unreleased items like the long bow, "glitched" red Jamaaliday sweater (not really glitched), Ice Mira Statue (no longer Ice Bird Statue :D), different coloured nerd glasses and the lily carpet before they came out in stores. If my trade list is full of unwanted rares from the Eagle Adventure or by trading, I trade them to empty the list with wanted stuff! That's what I do when I ain't with friends in AJ.


    1. I hope the otters do come tomorrow! Please don't be diamonds I have fourteen diamonds and I really want a snow leopard >.< I would like to do the eagle adventure more often, but time isn't permitting it- I'm quite happy with my items- I hardly trade anything anymore

    2. lol love this can you tell pumaa i would like to be a asc author i would apresheate it
      exept lol i have no ida how to do this writting someone else's bolg stuff


  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes when I'm bored I search these things up just to have a laugh *^^*

  3. I have a neon bow. They look awesome on Artic Wolves.

  4. Neon bows are very strange items, very strange indeed but they look cool I wish there wre different colors like a green neon bow


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