Cosmo Portrait and Sundaes!

Hello again! Sorry about the late post! As you know, the otter update was yesterday, I hope you are enjoying what the update brought- for more information about the update, check out Mldriver's post from yesterday!

Today's new item is the Cosmo Portrait sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems

Shudder... Could AJ not have made it more painting like instead of a picture? I feel like he's watching my every move...

In the title, I said sundaes- well now I will explain! I've decided that Sundays should be special ):D Okay, okay, it's not like that XD Basically, I am going to call Sundays on this blog Jammer Sundaes (yes sundaes as in ice cream sundae)! We all need a little sweetness in our lives (much like a sundae), so on my Sunday posts I am going to talk about whatever new updates AJ has, and then, make the last part of the post positive and happy! On Jammers Sundaes, I will be posting things like: funny things to make you laugh, tips on how to have a great time on AJ, cute animals (maybe), and more! And you can contribute! If you have anything fun to share: send it to me at and title the email: Jammer Sundae!  I will be sure to check it out, and post it on Sunday the following week! But remember: we want everyone to have a good time! If it is insulting someone, uses bad language, or displays crude images- it will most certainly NOT be posted! I can hardly wait!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, feel free to contact me at


  1. Not two! Those things creep me out!

    1. What had become of the world?!

    2. for sundaes....
      its south America
      like America
      but south!

    3. oops for got this ~laslo289
      yep gonna be that guy...
      putting my user for aj on everything yeah!
      p.s that was from the movie "up":)

    4. Ok ya there kinda creepy I guess (kinda)

  2. Yep, those things scare me but at least the bamboo picture frame looks cool! Also, I can't wait until this "Jammer Sundaes"!

    Random Jammer: "Sundaes? Then let's go get sundaes then!"

    No no, not those "sundaes". :P That word still makes me hungry though.....


    1. Yup! I like the frame, just not so much the art O.o

      I am quite excited to start Jammer Sundaes myself!

  3. I love am, and I agree. It is creepy.

  4. Aj not am. I'm warriorcat20049 on Aj plz buddy me unless my list is full. I got scammed of my spike, beta bow, rare headphones, and rare nautilus necklace. Plz help!

  5. Can't wait for those jammer sundaes!

    ~ warriorcat20049 :)

  6. Im doomhall on aj send me mail and other stuff!!!

  7. Man cosmo is ceeph ina portatit form


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