Bonsai Tree and Otter Outfits

Good Morning Jammers! I'm Mldriver posting for you today. 

Over at TreeTop Gardens we have a little Bonsai Tree!

This is so adorable, and It comes with many different colors. Yay! It's non-member too! Do you think making a GIF helps? Or should I just put one color?

The Daily Explorer has released the Jammer Snaps!

Nice Job everyone!

Next up, I made some Otter Outfits. This first one is inspired by Steampunk.
This is my favortie Otter Look!
This outfit includes:
Steampunk Molecules
Diamond Shop Collar
Cream Worn
Tan Elf Cuffs

Here we have a Spirit Warrior:

All we have here is the armor from the Diamond Shop! It looks great on any animal, including the otter!

Our last one is Fancy themed:
This awesome outfit includes:
Top Hat
Leaf Necklace 
Blue Worn
Blue Elf Cuffs

And that's it for today Jammers! I apologize for this post being so late today. I had a family event last night. Also, have you been enjoying my posts so far? Should I change something about them? Write me a small review. :)

Comment Call:
How are my posts?

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  1. Cool! I really like this blog!


  2. I love how the bonsai has different colours. In real life, they're beautiful. Good thing that it is for all Jammers! :D

    Yep I know your 1st and 2nd outfit. But I never saw the 3rd one. All of these outfit ideas are very creative! Keep it up!


  3. Great post! I'm so sorry for not posting! I had it all completely written out and everything- and I woke up extra early for it, but it seems like where you live, your time must be earlier than where I am. I think your posts are great- better than mine for sure *^^* Also... I hate to be such a nitpicker, but I believe that you said steam punk molecules instead of monocles, I don't know if you noticed this or not. Again, great post!

    1. That's how auto-correct corrected it. Odd..

    2. The things that autocorrect does is just weird sometimes

    3. Why didn't blogger post my comment?
      Here it is again:

      I thought I was going to come home late, I just wanted to be prepared if so. And I apologize for waking you up extra early. >.< Your posts are awesome! We both have different styles. I like to use pictures to explain things.

    4. Bonsai tree. Awesome possum!

    5. @mldriver

      Aww thanks! I was really beginning to doubt that I could write likeable posts

  4. Some people said the bonsai tree was beta...


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