Hula Skirt, New Wallpapers, Funny Glitches, and Jammer Sundae #1

Hello Jammers! How are you? You know, I really don't ask that enough! Let's get a move on- we've got a lot to cover in today's post! (okay not really, but it's good to make you excited about the post right?)

Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a new item!

Introducing the Hula Skirt! Sold for 500 gems in Jam Mart Clothing. It looks a lot like the underwater version!
Looks like AJ has been expanding on the tiki style again! Remember when Crystal Sands was more tiki beach and less waterslide modernness? 

With the arrival of a new alpha, and the otters, AJHQ has made some new wallpapers!

Sadly, AJ has also removed the old wallpapers. I hope they make more soon! Moving on!

Something strange happened! Very strange indeed. I switched animals from my level 4 otter to my level 1 fox. Somehow, it said the my fox was now level 4! I clicked on the switch animals page but sure enough my fox was level 1. How peculiar *


*Note: I understand that I could have just leveled up my fox after taking the photo to the right, and posted this to deceive you, but please believe me- I did not. The picture on the left was taken before the picture on the right, and I am being truly honest. If you still do not think I am being truthful, believe what you wish.

Moving on with the post!

As I promised on Friday, today (and every sunday after this) is to be proclaimed a Jammer Sundae because we all need that much more sweetness in our lives! Jammer Sundaes feature positivity, have jokes, inspirational quotes, cute animals, and more! Remember, you can send in some things for Jammer Sundaes yourself at ! So here we have this weeks bundle of Jammer Sundae Sweets!

My favourite quote of all time:
Credit goes to for providing this image
A cute little otter: 
Credit goes to for providing this image
A terrible joke:
Credit goes to rabitaruta,com for this image

And if all that isn't enough sweet-ness for you, here is one more thing to tickle your taste-buds!

A comedic animal jam video: (no crude language or inappropriate behavior) Find it here!

*This video was not made by me. The video belongs to AnimalJamMusicPlayer. The audio belongs to Dane Cook. I am not taking any credit for anything in this video.

Hehe, all the copyright stuff is a little tedious since you have to take some extra time to do it, but I was taught some scary stuff about this, so better to stay safe? 

With that, this weeks Jammer Sundae (and post) come to a close! Goodbye Jammers!

Adventure awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me, whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, feel free to contact me at


  1. Everything in this post is pawsome! I'd get more specific but
    this blog is glitching making it very difficult to comment. :/

    1. Thanks! I slept in a little today >.< that's why my post was later than usual. Commenting glitching is quite annoying isn't it?

  2. LOL I LOVE THE NEW JAMMER SUNEAS if i spelt that correct that's all for me bye!:)

  3. Nice post! And I love the Jammer Sundaes!

  4. Wow cool post! I like the jamer sundaes thing. Good job on your blog writing stuff!

  5. XD I love the nose foot thing Hilarious!


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