Lady Bug Hat and a New Leaf

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Hello Jammers! I am Arcticstar8404, otherwise known as Arcticstar, one of the new authors for the Animal Jam Community! So, hi! Well, enough chit chat- let's move on with today's post!

Have any of you noticed the cute little ladybug on AJ's logo?

It seems like AJ is paying more attention to this- and has added a Ladybug Hat!  

The ladybug here is almost an exact likeness to the ladybug on the logo! Did AJ mean this to happen? Hmmm... Anywho, this cute little hat (though in bug standards not-so little) is sold in Jam Mart Furniture, and is for members only (darn my membership expires tomorrow XD). It looks great for Fashion Shows (if anyone does them). Sometimes people ask you to dress up as a bug, well this would help a lot! 

In the title, I said "A new leaf", correct? Well, by a new leaf, I mean a fresh new start for the AJC! I am excited to contribute, and hope the other authors are excited as I am! For quite a while this blog has had short and lifeless posts. We are turning over a new leaf, and beginning to make this blog better, bit by bit. 

Get out there, Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell me, whether it's news, codes, questions, or glitches- I will be happy to answer them or post them (glitches, codes, etc.) on my next post! Contact me at


  1. I'm so happy that the blog is still going on. I thought it was abandoned! It's great that there are new authors! ^.^


    1. Krazy! Hello! I am glad the blog is still continuing as well!

  2. Nice post, Arctic! And congrats on being picked as one of the new authors.

    Pumaa, I'd just like to ask. Did you not choose me because I have no email? I mean, cone on. There has to be SOME other way we can contact each other (If I was considered.)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope this blog will become popular again :D On a side note- I believe that Slidoo is who you should contact about this- it is they who created the blog, and they are the one who is holding the author tryouts.

    2. Slidoo is hosting these tryouts, try contacting him on the forum

    3. And just so you know, this blog is getting 2,500 hits every day. It already is very popular

  3. I have laddy bug hat and its cool I dressed my fox a lady bug!


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