Branch Antlers and Giveaway Results!

Hello Jammers! I'm Mldriver posting for you today.

In Epic Wonders, we have an awesome item!

I love this item so much! I bought a pair of my own, and it looked pretty good on my Artic Wolf. You can have a lot of different outfit ideas with this one. 

And the winners to the (little) giveaway are....

They won the Blue Worn. And the next winner was..

This Jammer won the Rare Pumpkin Hat!
Congrats! :)
Make sure to check Animal Jam Community everyday, for chances to win prizes like this. Here is a video I made about sending the gifts to them:

Sorry, I couldn't put it up on the blog. It was taking way to long to download.

Also, have you ever heard of this Glitch?

I've had it before and it's kinda confusing. Mine took place when I had bought a lot of items, or just went to buy something at the store. 

And the DE Posted about the Rare Flip Flops!

I liked the colors this item had, but I wasn't going to spend 900 gems for them. Yeesh. And today, I'm going to be doing a comment call.

Comment Call:
Will otters be released in the diamond shop, or for 1,000 gems? 

That's it for today Jammers!

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  1. I bought those antlers for myself, too! Also, congrats pnbjelly and wolfpaws4330 for winning the small giveaway! That glitch looks strange, Snowyclaw posted about that glitch on her blog.


    1. I love how the new item is all nature-like. :)

    2. love the new item and i had that glitch b4 in my enchanted hallow den and that is how my fear of those dens started dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn lol it is true but don't use my fear against me i can kills a guy in aj role play
      lol but true i am so rofl arrant i?i like that better for now n I'll use rofl instead of lol ok so i should end this now this is my blog cuz i dont now how to write 1 i'll use my fav blog this 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also is i am doing somthing wrong plz worn me instead of blocking me plz

  2. Nice post! I've had that glitch once before, it was scary XD congrats to Pnbjelly and wolf paws for winning the giveaway! I might buy the branch antlers! We'll just have to see! I think otters will be for 1000 gems. It is only fair! The last gem animal was the deer (I'm talking about newly released animals not giraffes and rhinos) and that was last Christmas! During the time span of almost nine months, TWO diamond shop animals have been released (hyena and eagle). It only seems fair that the otter be for gems! I rest my case XD

    1. Haha! I really hope they will be for 1,000 gems. And plus, the members are already paying $5.99 a month. They shouldn't have to pay extra for diamonds to buy a new animal.

    2. Yup (though I'm all prepared XD I have 14 diamonds now)

  3. A giveaway and I missed it!!!!


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