Backpacks and Jammer Sundae #2

Allo Jammers! My apologies for the late post! Today is Jammer Sundae, but before we get to that we need to discuss the happenings in Jamaa!

I knew it would come back! Thanks AJHQ for reminding me that school is just around the corner >.<

I wonder if the desks and chalkboards will come back... We can only wait!

That makes me wanna show you a nerdy otter that I made!

Square glasses and a tuxedo never looked so intelligent!

And now for my favourite day of the week: 

Some cute penguins chasing after a butterfly:

Credit to
Isn't that just the cutest thing? It's like a penguin stampede!

Next! A potato chewing bubblegum?

Credit to
Though it may seem like a potato at first, it isn't! This little guy's name is brown. You can find the original video here!

A pickle- no wait... A fancy pickle wearing a tutu:

Credit to for making this image
Penguins chasing butterflies, a potato chewing gum, and a pickle in a tutu? Wow. It's like an explosion of randomness!

And finally, a stealthy cat! Can you find him?

That's all for this week's jammer sundaes folks! Did any of these make you laugh or at least smile? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you have anything for Jammer Sundaes, please post a link to the picture in the comments or send something to me at

What's that? You want more? Oh fine. Here you go: one more sundae sweet for you!

Hmm, that is a good question to ask yourself daily! DID you smile today?

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes- you can send them to me at


  1. Hi, Arctic!

    I think I've seen that penguin .GIF somewhere.

    That cat is so adorable!

    1. Hello rainbow! Yes, I am pretty sure the penguin gif is all over the internet as it is so cute! I agree, that cat it very cute!

    2. Yeah that penguin gif reminds me of something......

  2. the pinguin gif was on sprit blog love the backpack!if desks and all are comming back i hope ppl will host more schools!

    1. Oh it was? I haven't been checking it lately so I wouldn't know! I too, like the backpack, I enjoy going to schools on animal jam, it's good for passing the time

  3. i forgot this sorry for not "posting" for a while i am verry busy in the world of jamaa

    1. Aren't we all? Not just in the land of Jamaa, but in real life for many of us too as school is coming!

  4. LOL funny pics XD i like the cat one and the awesome potato chewing gum XDDD

  5. Its Catloaf! The butterfly must be like "just keep flying and you wont be mauled!" LOL

  6. hello i just recently got scammed so if u want please gift me i am bobbythetiger13

  7. where is the first one?


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