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Hello Jammers,
You probably remember me as Geckoguy. I have been an author here at Animal Jam Community For a little under two years. A while ago I changed my username to Pumaa (I will be accepting buddy requests until I have no more room). Now that I have stopped posting on my own blog (Jammer Central), I hope to be able to devote all my blogging time to Animal Jam Community. I know that we need to have a posting system here, so that everyone knows what will be posted and when. Here is the system I will be working with, I will try to work out a schedule with the other author(s):

-New Item Post every morning (The only subject in this post will be the new item, no side topics) I hope to get this post on the blog by 7:00 AM EST

-Extra Post whenever possible (At any time after the Item Post I can post an Extra, it may be a glitch, a guide, or anything worth posting)

-On Update Days, I will follow Slidoo's system of posting everything in it's own post (For example, a new animal would be in one post, while a new land would be in another)

So, does this sound like a good system? I hope to start posting tomorrow. I will get a Membership soon, so that I can post all the news.


PS: Zach94, would you mind commenting if this systems works for you? We have to cooperate if we are co-authors.


  1. I can get a post in at about 7:40 EST. I know thats kind of late, but I wake up at 7:30.

    My parents stole us away for the weekend, so sorry for no posting.

  2. Well I will try to post by 7 and if i don't you can. And feel free to post whenever you want about side topics.


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