Phantom Mask

   Hey Jammers! I'm Zach94, and I was recently hired to be an author an Animal Jam Community! Just to let you know a little bit about me, I own my own blog, as well, and I post very early! So I am excited to be up and posting this today!
   Todays new item is the Phantom Mask! It is a returning item from October 6, 2012. Check it out!
   It costs a lot of gems, and is sold in the Epic Wonders clothing orb, but still, its a Paw-some Halloween costume idea! A little info on what it looks like when you wear it - it's absolutely HUGE! You'll be sure to scare all the bunnies and koalas! 

   Thats all for today! See you in Jamaa!



  1. Hey Zach! Congratulations for becoming an author, I am 110% sure you will be great!

  2. That was a RLLY big item! I wore it on my bunny and it was SOOO FUNNY 2 freak my buddies out!


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