Scorpion Claws

   Hey Jammers! Zach94 here, with todays Daily Update! It seems that everyone is going to their Halloween Parties today, as am I, so I'll make this post snappy! To get on with the post, todays NEW item is....
That should show up as a slideshow... ^.^
This item will probably help you in Adventures, so you can safely move Phantoms out of your way!

   I believe that is all from Jamaa today! See you tomorrow, and have fun at your Parties if you have them today! ^.^



  1. Is theSlidoo still posting? Just to know :)


  2. Oh!!!! Now I see why your name reminded me of something Zach! You were the guy who posted a comment in WCC... The blog which you like very much (I totally agree with you, Slidoo might know Woodswolf from Fuzzy Shyivy since Woods was her moderator I think) is dying...*cries*


  3. Thats cool! I'm going 2 start experimenting with some items n Jamaa 2 c wat helps on Adventures so if u hav any suggestions plz reply this comment or something!


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