Come One, Come All... Sign Up for Survival Island!

I have updated it and now everyone can comment! Thank you jumping scary monkey for the heads up!
Have you ever wanted to go head to head with fellow jammers and compete in an online gameshow, that takes place right in your favourite online game? Well now is your chance!

In the Club Penguin world, there are many gameshow type competitions. Teams go head-to-head every week competing in challenges until there is only one winner left. So I decided to try creating my very own Animal Jam gameshow!

It's called Survival Island. Every week, 2 teams will compete in a challenge, on a XAT chat box and Animal Jam! The winning team will be safe, but the losing team will have to vote somebody off of their team. Sometimes, jammers might create alliances, to help keep themselves in the game. It is all about strategy!

If you'd like to sign up, click here!
Sign ups end soon!



  1. Please make the comment options for it name/URL. I can't use my Wordpress account for commenting...

  2. Everyone can comment now, thanks for letting me know.

  3. Slidoo-
    I put in a submission form for Animal Jam Search about a week ago. How come my blog isn't up yet?

  4. I'm not really continuing AJ search atm... sorry

  5. No offence but I think this is a terrible idea because not every one has free chat.

  6. You don't need free chat to participate :) Nor do you have to be a member. Any jammer can participate.

  7. Slidoo i sen a jam a gram that really meant i wanted to join it but im not allowed to have a blog im on your buddy list my user is AGENTX13311 BTW I LOVE PANDAS

  8. Aaanndd of course I forgot about it and I regret it...


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