Modern System VS Weekly System?

Hi jammers!
In Animal Jam's past, updates - new items, dens, animals, etc - were released on Fridays, rather than randomly throughout the week. This was much easier for most bloggers and I think that many bloggers would agree with me that the Friday (or, more recently Thursday) updates were much easier for us to post, and more enjoyable for jammers.

There are pros and cons to both update systems. Let's list a few of each.

Every other Friday/Thursday update schedule - we'll call this the "Weekly System:"
Much easier for bloggers to post
Jammers know exactly when things will be released
Easier to be aware of all the new items
Causes very large traffic rushes on the update days

Randomly, Every Day - We'll call this the "Modern System:"
Prevents traffic "jams" or "rushes"
Smaller updates, so posting requires less time
Bloggers need to be on every day to post
Never know when/where things will be released
Less organized

If you prefer the modern system, make sure you tell me why you prefer it! If you prefer the weekly system (I prefer this), then what are your reasons for thinking this way?

Now, I'm sure that everyone is aware that Animal Jam is excellent at listening to users, and bloggers, like us. So if the majority of people/bloggers prefer the weekly system, maybe we can start a "petition" sort of thing to bring it back? We'll see how this vote goes.

So what are your opinions? Don't be shy, let us know!



  1. I loved it when AJ updated every Friday, although updates were very simple. Then updates were every other week, with cooler stuff.

    Slidoo, maybe we could make some sort of tracker like on CP blogs with the item and where it is. Just an idea. :)

  2. hey geckoguy could u ask sliddo if i can join ur blog i can help u track all the items down

  3. Hi TheSlidoo!

    You know how I asked about if you could buddy me? Well, I got this request... from somebody who said: TheSlidoo

    They looked similar to you... I think they were you, because they had the same animals as you, but they were a non member, and didn't have member items on them! I'm guessing you lost membership...? Anyways, I accepted it, and I thank you if that was you! :) TheSIidoo who is an imposer had a all grey tiger, there are a lot of those nowadays.

    P.S. Can you put my blog on blogrolls? Mine is called Animal Jam Bouncies, the link is! I'd be thankful if you joined and/or put it on! :)


  4. i liked it when the updates came out with the jamaa journal. it made me very excited for all this new stuff to come out every second week. but now i dont look forward to the jamaa journal coming out.

  5. I think the weekly system would work out much better, but to be honest, the modern system works out well too. I believe that if we change it back to the weekly system, Animal Jam should notify (e.g. email, blog, twitter, etc.) if or when they randomly update. Thanks!


    my animal jam account is hamsterpuppylove :)

  6. @Jammie:
    Yup, that was me! I lost my membership :p


  7. @ TheSlidoo

    Oh... cool! :) Thanks a ton! I love your blog btw!!! I JUST LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Can you please put my blog on the blog rolls though? :D Mine is called Animal Jam Bouncies at! :P

    Again, thanks a ton!


  8. Modern; cuz like u said, its more organized!


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