Rare Homemade Wings

Hi Jammers! It's me again, brimad8! Haha. There is a new rare item today because of Rare Item Monday! It looks like this:
Rare Homemade Wings! I have some homemade wings, but they are blue. These look pretty cool. They are kind of rarer then other Rare Item Monday's. What do you think? Comment. They are found on the 5th page of Jam Mart Furniture. They are members only and cost 650 gems. That's all for now Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!


  1. I looked on Page 5- not there.

  2. I wish that all the rares at least were 4 non members! It gets so irritating wen a rare is members only!

  3. I was really mad to get one in 2013. At last, a jammer sent me one!
    Squeak! >.<
    I was yet a nm at that time. .3.


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