News Crew Assignment #2: Fox Facts Results

Hi jammers!
The Daily Explorer has posted the results to News Crew Assignment 2.
The winner is Eternal Frozenstone! Congratulations! This was their article:
Foxes are amazing animals that live all around the world. Although these mammals look much like cats with their pointed ears they are actually part of the dog family! Did you know they are closely related to jackals and coyotes?
You can recognize a fox by its narrow snout, pointed ears, and long bushy tail. Its tail is also called a brush and aids in balance, plus it provides warmth in cold weather – when chilly the fox simply tucks its tail around its nose!
Foxes live in many different areas and are known to be resourceful and clever. Native Americans believed the fox to be both a wise messenger and a playful trickster! Different types of foxes live in different places – grey foxes tend to live in forests while silver foxes live in colder areas. The Arctic fox lives in the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole!
The red fox is the most common kind of fox and can be found all over the world. Like all foxes they raise their pups in underground dens such as abandoned burrows. They are also omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They often munch on rodents, vegetables, and even pet food! The fox is a fantastic and welcome addition to the land of Jamaa!
-Eternal Frozenstone
Congratulations, Eternal! It's too bad that AJHQ won't release the winners' usernames...



  1. It's actually Snowyclaw :)Just go to her blog.

  2. It's Snowyclaw :) Just go to her blog

  3. Yes, I agree. It is too bad. But Eternal Frozenstone is Snowyclaw. ;)

  4. Can yu check your Animal Jam Search applications? It's been more than 2 weeks.

  5. I would like my blog posted on the blogroll, thank you!


  6. Very good. I like foxes. Did you know that foxes make a high pitched baby-like noise? They are sly and very cute but don't feed them because they won't leave you alone from then onwards.

  7. Its snowyclaw btw. :)

  8. Foxes r 1 of my favorite animals! Ask any of my buddies!


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