Shelf and Plushies

Hey Jammers!

Today's item is a Wavy Bookshelf in Jam Mart Clothing(it's nonmember!).

Also, I recently went on an extra account of mine, and this popped up:

Apparently all nonmember accounts or at least the oldest ones are getting whatever items are in their mail! If you happened to be nonmember and had a Legendary glove in your mail that you couldn't open, today is your lucky day! I am concerned though that this will significantly lessen the value of member gloves...

And just in case nobody has posted this yet...
There are sea plushies in the carnival.



  1. The undersea plushies r my favorite! I hav them all!

  2. i wish i had all of them i used to have 2 and now i only have 1

  3. I wanna be a member!

  4. How old do the accounts have to be to get these gifts?


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