Large Update Post

Hi jammers!
I've missed a lot because I'm busy getting ready for the beginning of school.

Mushroom Table, Jam Mart Furniture
Tickets, Summer Carnival: Yes, you can now buy tickets because the Carnival is closing soon.
Three plants including an old rare, in the new Treetop Gardens shop in Sarepia Forest.

100 Million gems were donated and monkeys have returned to Jamaa! There is also a brand new Monkeys Only party.

Shamans, or um, Alphas:
I guess the religion thing was too much, AJ has renamed Shamans, Alphas. Makes sense, however to those of you (I've seen many) saying that people are wrong to agree with shamans, please stop, that makes no sense. I'm glad that AJ has ended the religious problems by changing the name.

Hopefully once school begins I can start to post more often again. All the authors are very busy right now so please do excuse us if we don't post as quickly or as often as we did in the summer!



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