Peck the Rabbit Alpha

Old bio by AJHQ:
Cute but definitely not cuddly, Peck is the rabbit Shaman. She is the loud and feisty one of the group, and she is a nonconformist and very independent. She lets her punk rock creative spirits guide her, and likes her music loud and her clothing even louder! Peck is friendly to everyone and sees herself as just one of the gang. She doesn’t flaunt her Shaman status, and as a matter of fact can be a little embarrassed at being treated with reverence. Peck loves to create, and is a gifted interior designer, painter, and musician. She does her best to leave her distinctive mark of color-meets-attitude wherever she goes throughout Jamaa

New bio by AJHQ:
Most animals in Jamaa today don’t remember the first Phantom invasion, when the Alphas first appeared to turn the tide of battle and save our home. Peck doesn’t remember it either. She is the newest Alpha, and the only one selected by Mira since that long-ago victory over the Phantom hordes. Sir Gilbert has often wondered to himself whether Mira made the right choice.
There’s no question Peck is full of talent. She is an artist that revels in any medium, and she has done much to beautify Jamaa and inspire other animals to join her in huge, outlandish art projects. Her Alpha abilities seem to have magnified her already passionate and energetic personality a hundredfold, however, and some animals find her perpetual excitement and restlessness exhausting. Peck’s hot temper is legendary. When Phantoms appear or her friends are threatened, her artistic exuberance flips instantly to full-throttle attack mode. She believes in striking first and planning later (much later, and hopefully while she’s off doing something more fun). Have you ever had a friend who seemed to be made out pure energy, who could never sit still and who was always trying to involve you in some new crazy scheme of theirs? That’s Peck: she moves in a blur, gets bored easily, and never seems to run out of ideas. She takes her role as a mentor to other rabbits very seriously, though, and she is determined to get Jamaa’s rabbits into shape and ready for whatever the Phantoms might throw at them.

Animal: Rabbit
Land: Coral Canyons
Date: July 27, 2010
Role: Artist/Designer



  1. I love love love Peck!! She is awesome! :3

    1. Same!
      She's the cutest alpha. :D

    2. Specially she does not look creepy like the others (other than Cosmo).

  2. awesomest alpha eva give meh some girl powa!

  3. Music? She likes music?
    Oh, lol. I never knew.

      She's so creative then. ^.^

  4. Oh lol.
    That's why she created the Art Studio. .o.

  5. Peck is not in adventures. Shes an artist O O

  6. were is peck and sir gilbert in adventures?

  7. I like the old bio it shows more of who she is and in the new bio it shows not as a good side to her. Like being a hyper nut-ball and not really explaining her talents. - Fern5223

  8. peck looks so cute in the first pic

  9. I don't mean anything bad about her, but uh WHAT does she do? I like her a lot I truly do! But what does she do against the phantoms? Who cares about being an artist and creating when Phantoms are attacking??? :l

  10. Omg I hate Peck so much. She is so annoying and she does nothing, plus she is super creepy. She and Greely are soulmates


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