Jamaa Journal #52

Hey Jammers!
Animal Jam updated this morning and I'll be posting the new paper before I go to school:
Great! The new pet is a snake just like I predicted! Brady Barr introduces the new pet in this video. Also, become a member in January and receive a New Year's Party Hat!

Moving on to page two...
It's a new den! Great for horses espeacialy! Remember, all new dens are for members only. Also, the new flag was selected! Congradulations, Mythical ArcticStar! That's an EXCELLENT flag! Pick it up in the flag shop in Sereipia Forrest.

Page three...
A new animal will come soon! You can even try unscrambling it in the newspaper! To me it looks like some kind of bird... And... just what I was hoping for! Now you can find animals for your Journey Book in The Lost Temple of Zios! If you fill out the Temple of Zios page in your Jouney book, you'll get a free gift!

Page four...
New AJ Parties! These epic parties are a Trading Party in a castle, and a Dinner Part in a Resturaunt! Cool!

Page five...
New items in Epic Wonders! Epic Wonders is a mysterious new shop in Jamaa that no one knows much about... Items come in at random times and stay for random amounts of time! You can find it in Coral Canyons. Also, just like I said, join AJ in January and get the New Year's Party Hat!

Be sure to check later today for more updates, including the new Items!

Go explore Jamaa and tell me your adventures!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. The prize is an elephant throne.. I got all of them in a half hour :D

  2. What was that new animal? Was it really a bird? o.o


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