Crystal Reef

Date Made: September 15, 2011
Animal: Unknown
Alpha: Unknown
Habitat: Water
Shops: 0
Rooms: 1 (Flippers 'N Fins)
Games: 1 (Eat 'Em Up)

-Bahari Bay and Crystal Reef have the same music
-Crystal Reef is named after Crystal Sands
-Eat 'Em Up used to be in Bahari Bay where Best Dressed is now

(Anyone who uses graphics from Animal Jam Community must give credit)


  1. Crystal Reef was named after Crystal Sands bc its the waters in Crystal Sands. Crystal SANDS bc theres sand and Crystal REEF bc its like a coral reef down there. X3

  2. Shops should be 1. Flippers 'N Fins is actually a Pet 'SHOP'


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