Liza the Panda Alpha

Old bio by AJHQ:
Brave and powerful Liza is the panda Shaman. She values exploration and intellectual pursuits, and has personally mapped a great majority of Jamaa. She is proud and determined in her manner, and she lets nothing stand in the way of her latest expedition to a far off land. Liza doesn't stand still for long, and never has much time to talk before having to dash off. She created most of the exploration-based challenges in Animal Jam and she presses all animals in the world to document Jamaa. She has a kind, motherly manner about her; very encouraging and very gentle. She believes that anyone can do better, and reach higher.

New bio by AJHQ:
Liza is pretty well known to the animals of Jamaa, since she personally welcomes everyone that arrives here and helps them get started on their adventures. Liza has always been a traveler and explorer too, and she vividly remembers the day her travels first took her to Jamaa.
She found a land besieged not only by Phantoms, but by internal conflicts as well. Rabbits and monkeys were always bickering, while koalas and tigers wouldn’t speak to each other at all; and it seemed as though the wolves didn’t get along with anybody. Even among the Alphas there was tension and suspicion. Liza has a talent for helping animals understand each other better, though, and she was the peacemaker who brought the Alphas together as friends. Their example soon spread to the other animals, and for a long time now Jamaa has enjoyed peace both inside and outside its borders. After the last major battle with the Phantoms, the rest of the Alphas set out to track these mysterious invaders back to their point of origin and learn more about them. Liza stayed behind, however, both to safeguard our home against further attacks, and to help the thousands of animals arriving here every day find their way around Jamaa Township.

Animal: Panda
Land: Jamaa Township
Date: July 27, 2010
Role: Explorer


  1. Liza looks younger in the 3rd graphic picture.

  2. Replies
    1. That's a 100% true thingy you just said!
      It's rather a fact instead an opinion. o.o

  3. Liza used to look really ugly and fat when she was beta and don't have a go at me cause she's just a carton panda.

  4. I don't like Liza at all, even after I like Panda's so much.

    1. Everybody so does understand that by my user? Don't they. Lol.

    2. Nonetheless, I love all animals equally. ^.^
      But cats and dogs a bit more than the others. :P
      I'm rather suitable in the name 'ANIMAL LUVAR'
      Lol. I mean 'Animal Lover'.
      He-he! :P

  5. I'm just pooping my panties because right now i think you married fman122

  6. like what happened to my beta gran liza like reallY!!

  7. Beta Liza Looks Like An Old Lady LOL XD

  8. Liza is the worst alpha. " Everything is perfect! we all live on friendship and peace!" thats basiclly like saying that the world is all cupcakes and rainbows and everyone is good and nothing goes wrong in the world.
    Come on Liza. use your brain.
    oh wait..
    she doesn't have one!


  9. you fail at life Liza. Good luck in your fat, ugly pathetic life.
    oh but you don't have a life.
    so so o very sad


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