New Den - Ol' Barn Den

Hi jammers!
A new den has been released! It is called the OL' BARN den and can be purchased by members for 5000 gems.
The Ol' Barn den is great for all animals, especially horses! It is a very unique den and I like it! Have you purchased an Ol' Barn den yet?



  1. The flying glitch doesn't work anymore... when you click the button to switch animals your animal stops moving. Those Zios screen-shots of the elephant are verry valuably now...
    ~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

  2. it's funny i could fly in temple of zios yesterday but not to day

  3. Cool! I want it...its pretty spacious with the fields

  4. kind of ok but you have to be a member to buy a horse.

  5. I will get that den very soon, as I log in next time. :D
    That's one awesome farmhouse. XD


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