Authors Announced!

Hello jammers!
I'd first like to say thank you so much for all your great submissions! I received almost 50 author applications all together - more than I expected! I have reviewed each and every submission - even those lovely spam ones - and made a difficult decision.

I don't want anybody to be offended or upset if I didn't pick them. I had a REALLY hard time deciding between a lot of the submissions, but I have made up my mind and chosen the 3 authors who I think will best fit Animal Jam Community. Here are the winners:

Swurve: Swurve (aka Freddles, teehee :P) has been one of my best online friends for a looong time. We have worked on several websites together and I know that he will be a perfect fit here at AJC! You can find him on twitter @iSwurve.
Geckoguy: Geckoguy is a really cool guy with a really neat blog! He is a huge supporter of AJC and his blogging skills are fantastic. You can visit his blog, Animal Jam Explorers, by clicking here.
Sillybandzrule: Sillybandzrule has not been confirmed to work here yet: in order for Sillybandzrule to become an official member of our team, I need an email address from you! I need this so I can invite you into the blog so you can publish your very own posts. Your application was great, and you sound like an amazing person, but I really do need an email. You can create one for free at or even ask your parents if you can use theirs, to join this blog.

So, there we have it! The 2 (and maybe a third) new authors of Animal Jam Community. Authors: you will receive your blog invitations and rule emails on January 15th. Make sure to check the emails that you gave me in your applications on the 15th so you can join the blog!

Posting begins on the 29th: are you ready?



  1. I can't wait! I hope so much I'm picked... Oh, and can you add my blog to the blog roll? It's Hey, I was wondering, how many hits have you been getting on schooldays? Mine have been pretty bad...

  2. Hi Geckoguy! I will add you to the blogroll right now! Also, I don't know, lately I've been getting about 250-350 a day on school days.


  3. I can't be an author because I don't like giving out e-mail.

  4. AWESOME! I glad you picked me. You won't regret it. I'm not sure I know who Swurve is, but I know Sillybanzrule from big trading parties, so I hope we will be coworkers.
    Oh, and Slidoo, I've only been getting 40+ views per day lately! Your really lucky to have so many loyal fans... (My blog is only 2 months old...)
    I was wondering- are we going to have speacial author positions? Because I really love posting on major updates...

  5. Slidoo (not signed in)January 4, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    I haven't quite decided yet how the posting schedule will work. You'll find out all the info you need when you receive the emails on the 15th. And Tech66, are you Sillybandzrule?


  6. No, Tech66 is just another just another Jammer. :)

  7. Hey, I'm Swurve ^_^ I've known Slidoo since 2009 and I only go on the lower servers (like 2 dots or less) for a few hours. I don't talk to too many people because I stake out in my den. :P Can't wait to start ;D

  8. hey! im tigerlilycoke on aj!!! i am one of those "loyal fans" haha. check my blog out? its and i get like 60 a day

  9. Slidoo-

    Would you mind adding me? Im MLDB. I have been sending you buddy requests. Please check out my blog too at :



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