Jamaa Journal - Volume 51

Hi jammers!
It's that time of the (2?) weeks again, and the new Jamaa Journal has been released! There are two main focuses in today's volume of the Jamaa Journal: the horses, and the new game, Scoops!
Horses are here! Hooray! Also, it shows that the January monthly member gift is the New Year's Party Hat! If you purchase an Animal Jam membership in the month of January 2012 you'll receive this free gift! Moving on to page 2...
Page 2 tells us more about horses and it sounds like they will be for members only forever... It was a lot nicer when animals would be released to the non-members after a few weeks!  This page also talks about the new multiplayer game, Scoops! I'll be posting a Scoops guide soon... Let's go to page 3!
Page 3 talks about Jamaa's flag contest! Basically it works like this: Any player can enter. If you have an idea of what the Jamaa flag should look like, draw a picture and send it in to Animal Jam staff! To do this, draw the picture on your computer (or draw it in real life and scan it to your computer) and then send it to Animal Jam via Jammer Central, in Jamaa Township. Just upload the picture and write the word "FLAG" in the description box, and you're all set! Your flag could be the winning flag and could soon be seen all over Animal Jam! Let's move on to page 4.
Page 4 says that if you purchase a new Animal Jam Gift Card, you'll get a free King of the Jungle package which includes the new lion pet, exclusively for people who purchase these gift cards! You'll also receive even more prizes with your King of the Jungle package! Let's check out page 5.
This page gives us more information on the monthly member gift, and it also gives us a puzzling picture that hints about a new animal coming soon... It sort of looks like a snake of some sort? What do you think it looks like?



  1. It's a Nessy! First comment yeah!

  2. Jamaa Journal looks so different now!!

  3. Topgirlyforever AJApril 7, 2014 at 12:23 PM

    Topgirlyforever here check out my den, trade me and message me stuff love your blog i have no idea what this animal is as i joined afterwards this was released ;)

  4. Wow. So the heading's background color changed with every update. That's cool.

  5. WOah why rare they all danger sign things?

    1. Yep, Ik! They don't appear anymore. They picture are only saying '!'. But last time I visited this page, the pictures were here...

    2. Can they put red pandas as an animal???


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