Sifting Screen, New Secret Item and Make Music Day Prediction

Hey guys! It's Penguin here again for another Saturday post.
Today has been a good day for me- I got a haircut just for summer. I play outside a lot and long hair makes it really hot.
There's honestly not much to talk about besides the fact that I'm on summer vacation now. I plan to post a lot and be more active this summer.
Now, for the updates today, the new item is available at Jam Mart Furniture.
With the latest update, there was another den put on display. This time it was the Sandcastle den. If you go towards the bottom left corner of it, click on the treasure chest and it is available for purchase!

Secret items, honestly, are starting to get old. They have them every time a display den comes out.
Finally, I have a prediction for Make Music Day. On June 21st, people will gather around to create music. But on Animal Jam, I believe a new rare item will be released. Why? This was the case last year when the Rare Guitar Rugs came out.
What do you think about this idea?
I have nothing else to post about, so that wraps up today's post. I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you next time!

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