Scattered Homework, Arcade Den Tips, Undo Edit Button Idea and Secret Item

Hey guys! This is Penguin back for another post.
Today is the very last Saturday of my school year. Next Wednesday is the last day for me. This summer, I'm going to be much more active with posting on The AJ Spring and make sure to continue my job here. I can't wait to spend more time with friends, too! School has gotten in the way of that and now I'll finally have more time.
Now, for the new item today, it can be found in Jam Mart Furniture. I'm pretty sure it is brand new (never been in stores).
Recently, while in my Beach House Den, I noticed there was a resemblance to an arcade there. I'm not the best at editing dens, but here are some tips for making an arcade.
First of all, you obviously need arcade games throughout the building. Any AJ games would work.
The next two features are optional, but would go well in an arcade den. The first is a large Dance Floor, which can be made by collecting... well, mini Dance Floors.
The third option is a prize stand. In many arcades, tickets can be won by playing games. Those tickets can then be used to buy prizes. Obviously, this wouldn't work at someone's den, but it would still be cool for design.
That wraps up my arcade den tips. I hope these help!
I now have a new AJ idea to hare with you. While I was just editing my den, I accidentally removed an item. I couldn't even find it in my inventory because there were so many items. This really made me angry. How could this problem be solved? I think there should be a new feature that is similar to an undo button. It might look like the arrow you use to flip items around, but have the words "undo" by it.
This would change what you just edited back to what it was. A feature like this would be very helpful, and I think AJHQ should add it. After all, they do have it in the Art Studio.
Finally, I just realized that I've never even thought about the new secret item. During the last update, the Crystal Palace den was put on display by AJHQ. Every time display dens come out, there's a new secret item available in them. This time, it is the Antique Couch. You can find it on the second floor there. Click on the antique couch, and it is available for purchase!

I hope this helps you, too!
This post is now coming to its end. I don't have anything else to share. But I do hope you all enjoyed it. Anyways, until my next post, I'll see you later!


  1. Super cool den tips Penguin! I would try that.
    But I'm NM now. XD
    Maybe I'll try it when I'm member again! :D
    *King Tough Bunny

  2. Yeah, we do need an undo button! We also need more 'undo's in the art studio XD
    Those are awesome den tips! I love the prize table!


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