First Impressions: Call Of The Alphas Book, And Theory On The "New" Pet For The Eggstravaganza! (No 'Follow Your Dreams' Chapter This Week)

Me..: Hi.. I'm Blossom.. I'm really shy..

You guys: Oh brother. Another backup account intro? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH GRACIE?!
Me..: Please don't yell! 

You guys: We're sorry..?
Me..: I forgive you guys.. Just please don't yell. Do you want a cookie?

You guys: Oooo sure. *Takes a bite* *quickly spits it out* THERE'S EGG SHELLS IN THIS..
Me..: Stop yelling.. Please.. I really hate to do this.. But I think I'm going to lock you guys out..
You guys: WHA-

You guys: 

Me: Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here wi- *looks at images* Oh dear.. What crime scene happened here..? o.o
You guys: Some person named Blossom Artisticartist did an intro, who is she?
Me: Oh, my backup account.. Most of my backups accounts have their own personality. She's very shy, very adorable, but tends to have a bit of an attitude at times..
You guys: O....O
Me: Your backup accounts don't have personalities?
You guys: No...
Me: Oh.
You guys: Interesting, Gracie. Very interesting.
Me: (:


Well, that got interesting.. Hehe.

Any who, let's get on with today's post!

Unfortunately, I'm currently writing this post late, at 4:36 PM, because I wanted to do a first impressions post on the new Animal Jam book which just got released today, "Call Of The Alphas". My mom just got me this book around 2-3 hours ago, then we went to another store, drove home, and I read the prologue and first chapter, so I could do this said first impressions post. Because of how late I'm writing this, there will be no new chapter of 'Follow Your Dreams' this week. Sorry about that! Next week there will be two chapters, though. ^.^


So without any further ado, let's get this "Call Of The Alphas" first impressions post started!

Basic information:
Price: $6.99 US dollars
 Length: 144 pages
Age range (according to 8-12 years

My description:

So far what I've read in the book, is pretty much just Animal Jam "lore" of sorts. It begins with how the animals were separated for a while, because, I quote from the book, "The cheetahs became convinced the tigers envied their speed. The nervous raccoons told themselves the wolves looked rather shifty. The foxes' tall tales began to irritate the lions, who were starting to think foxes lied a little too naturally.". In short, the animal species were beginning to not trust each other. later, there were only six remaining species now. Later, the phantoms came along, and the six species as well, did not trust each other. When the first phantom "battle" broke out, the phantoms wanted to steal a heartstone, and the animals tried to defeat the phantoms. But instead, since the animals were at odds with each other, they seemed to get too distracted by each other, and seemed to be making fun of each other. Thankfully, the phantoms did not take off with the heartstone, and Mira and Zios were able to take possession of it once again it seemed.

My first impressions:

First and foremost, I didn't like how in the book, AJHQ calls Mira and Zios the "guardian spirits of Jamaa". Sort of leads me to believe, AJHQ is trying not to use the word god/goddess to describe them, but it seems to be what they truly mean. Sort of a bummer that they would do that, but otherwise, the book is pretty good so far. The author, Ellis Byrd, did a wonderful job of making the story come to life. I could perfectly imagine the scenes that the author writes about. My favorite part of the book so far is talking about one of the phantoms. I quote from the book, "He tried to glare at the animals as menacingly as Leach, but one tiny tentacle fell limp in front of his eye. Stench batted it away with a bigger tentacle and accidentally poked himself in the pupil. 'Ow,'  he mumbled.". I can just imagine a little baby phantom doing that.. Heh.
Strangely, the Animal Jam "lore" as seemed to change a bit, something I noticed right away. What I've heard, is that the phantoms were created by Mira's tears. Zios had left her, and she cried, creating phantoms. In this book, it appears that Zios is very well still in Jamaa, while the phantoms are trying to invade. Another thing that's different, is that the phantoms leader is not the Phantom King, but rather, the Phantom Queen. In adventures, us Jammers always battle the Phantom King, but in this book, their leader is the Phantom Queen.. Sorta a dramatic difference, but it doesn't anything at all with the story of Jamaa. 

In the beginning of the book, there's a handy-dandy little map of Jamaa!

Apologies for cutting off a bit of the map, I guess I didn't open the page enough.. Oopsy.. 
Pretty neat! It'd be awesome if it was in color, but I believe in chapter books, you can't have any colored pages, it all has to be in black and white.

All in all, I'd rate this book a 4/5! I think I'd rate it a 5/5, if AJHQ did not call Mira and Zios the "guardian spirits of Jamaa", and if there was less of the animals making fun of each other (but it really wasn't bad, it was just like, I quote from the book, "Join us, you cowards!"). Though, I'm pretty sure later in the book they won't, because as we all know, the animals make peace with each other.


As the last part of this post, I have a bit of a theory with the so called, "new" pet for the Eggstravaganza, that was announced we'd have in the Jamaa Journal.

I've gone in Aldan, saying "Say I if you have the new egg pet!" and no one replies. I only had one person reply, and they claimed the new pet is the platypus.

Platypuses were put in the egg pets several weeks ago, and mine hatched into a platypus right away. But, it seems that no one has seen a new pet in Jamaa, they've only seen the new, but old, pet platypuses.

So, my theory is, this page in the Jamaa Journal was just a reminder for the pet platypuses.

Whats your thoughts? Do you think it's merely just a reminder? Or is there really a new pet? Be sure to comment down below with what you think!


And with that, here's todays Bible verse!

Galatians 6:9

So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.

Lets not forget, we shouldn't just do good things to get a blessing, we just do good things for God, not just doing good things to get a blessing.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!


  1. Interesting... with the new layout of the Jamaa Journal, it's kind of difficult to remember which pages are new and which pages actually aren't. Good theory!

    1. I dislike the new Jamaa Journal format ^.^ I want the good ol' Jamaa Newspaper looking thing XDD
      Thanks, Nafaria!

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. Why did I put ^.^ after I said I dislike something..? I'm still tired.. Ignore that emoji..

  2. I really want to get one of the new books XD

    I would agree with you with the pages on the Jamaa Journal,but its in the middle of the calling of the alphas and greely's hideout, so it has to be new (Plus it had the 'new icon' on it when we opened the journal I think..) I just dont know, but I bet your right :/ WHY AJHQ XDDD

    1. Maybe ask for one for your birthday? I think by your birthday book #3 would have come out, so you could request the three of them XD

      Yeah, that's true.. I dunno, kinda weird.. I'll have to do some more discovering, to prove if this theory is right, or wrong XD

      Remember, God made YOU!


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