Dancing Animals? Journey Book

Hi Jammers, dis is Ja983, Hope ya having a good day taday!
Today I was walking around looking for something to post about, today I'm just going to look at some things in the journey book. XD

Ok first we have some dancing animals in Crystal Sands.
Weird right?
Look in your journey book for Crystal Sands, this crab looks like it's doing a dance. 
Same with this parrot 
And this Flamingo 
To bad he doesn't do the Flamenco :P

And I just have to say this, why is this Tapir so sad?! :C IT MAKES ME SAD! 

Next onto more weird things. 
Uh um, nice uh smile. 

Uh oh, Timmy doesn't look happy! O,O 

:sees bird on tree:
Woah dude what are you doing your not a UFO.
Wait what are you doing? 

No no no, it's ok! 
We're nice. :)

Do I need to say anything about this one? :is scared:

We met your brother. 

I just this is is ADORABLE!!
We had a painted turtle once, we saved his life, and mom made us let him go. HE WAS SO DARN CUTE! ):)

That's all for now, sorry this is kinda short.
Btw, is anyone else having this glitch where it says someone is at your den ALL THE TIME? 
It's quite annoying....
My den for Lost Fair's Den Contest. 

So, look at the Journey Book and look at these animals for yourself! 
Good bye peoples! 

*King Tough Bunny 

Genesis 1:21  So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.


  1. Uhhhhh, Ja? There's a typo... "crap" instead of "crab".


  2. Hehe, dancing animals! I bet they are having, ummm, a jammin' good time? XDDD

    IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S A.... Bird UFO?! XD

    Hehe, I have a new name! CX Or I have a twin...

    *randomly pulls girl out from under the table*

    Me: Hey guys! This is my twin, Lost Fair!
    Lost Fair: *is stiff and has a funny smile on face*
    You guys: Uh, why is her name Lost FAIR?
    Me: She always gets lost in fairs. Ain't that right, twinnny-boo? *nudges Lost Fair playfully*
    Lost Fair: *is still stiff*
    You guys: Why is she just standing there?
    Me: *inspects* Hmm, good question... *looks closer* AHA! She's...
    You guys: She's???
    Me: It appears my twinny-boo is made outta cardboard! Wow! I had no idea Lost Fair was such a good actress!
    You guys: You're weird....

    XD Ok, sorry, I'm done. XD


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