Terrific Tuesday!

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(Sorry about not posting this morning, because I know of the time difference, it might be later for you guys right now)

So, lets get crackin'! New in stores today: Rose table-650 gem! Heart Chair- 450 gems! I think that the heart chair is a little cheesy, lol, but the rose table is very elegant to me. All the Valentine stuff! WOW! Ok well, Valentines is coming up, who is your valentine? Somebody in your family or a special someone? :3

Now, a suggestion from ArcticStar, an amazing writer that works in Animal Jam Community Blog, I present the Valentine Den Contest! <3 Lets celebrate valentines with a contest for fun!
You can do the theme of "I have no one for Valentine#Forever alone" (If you do this one it still must have a Valentine theme to it) or "I love Valentines! #Chocolate"
Now, the present will be a.... Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo! I know that might not be the best present, but it is for the fun of the game :)
1 picture sent by email or in comments.
Must be in YOUR den.
4 pictures maximum.
You must be in the picture supporting the theme.
Submission must be on Monday, February 15th.
When you submit it, leave your username.

Fun Valentine Fact:
Octopuses have three hearts! For extra love!

Okay, well I hope you have fun doing that! Happy Holidays and be safe!

Contact me at grace2092animaljam@gmail.com
Post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment!


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