Jamaa's Hidden Language returns

Hmm, I wonder how you would say "hi" in Jamaasian Language. I bet it would be cool to have as an opening for this post- but sadly, AJHQ hasn't released what any of their words mean yet.
It's time for the real part of this post now. There are two new items in Jamaa.

In my opinion, I find some of the Valentine's Day items just a little on the unique side. Especially the Heart Backpack. That- well, was the most unique of all. And the other item, the Heart Welcome mat, is returning. It's similar to every other Heart Mat out there.
Okay, I thought up a bunch of things today to post about. One of them was the Seasonal Tree has a new change to it! (Thanks to my buddy Nafaria9 for informing me about this.)
If you look closely, you'll notice that there's tiny hearts on the tree. I believe this is new! (At first I thought they were tiny flower buds because Spring is almost here.)
Also, there is one more thing I wanted to share with you- more Jamaasian Language. Yes, now it makes sense why I put that awkward beginning in this post.
I went to Sarepia Theater, and when going up to the "Concession Stand", I found this.
Look at the top part to see what I mean. Many people have noticed hints of the Jamaasian Language before, but I haven't seen this one. There's so many more, which leads me to think that one day AJHQ could release their own language. (Yay, I can say hi in the Jamaasian way when that happens)
What do you think about the Jamaasian Language? Have your own thoughts? I'm going to end this post here. But before I do, here's a true fact: sometimes, these little hints can turn out to be the next big thing.


  1. Cool! And thanks for giving me a shoutout!

  2. I translated the Futurama Language (Random XD)
    So let's translate the Jamaasian one XD


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