Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment! 

How are you guys doing? I had a pretty good week so far, didn't you? And if you did, comment about what was so awesome about it, and if you didn't, I am sorry and I challenge you to find a way to make next week 10X better.

Well lets get started with what is new in stores.
Jam Mart Furniture: New Shamrock Couch-650 gems- I would say this is very festive and 60-80's look. But I do not find it that appealing, I guess you just have to be in that festive mood. 
Jam Mart Clothing- Nothing new.
Make sure to buy all the Valentine Sales before they completely disappear (like my love life) lol just kidding.

In two days its International Polar Day! Yay! I love polar bears, they are so cute! Make sure to check out and read about the fun facted banners of polar bears around Jamaa!

Thats the update so far! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and a relaxing weekend. 

Fun fact: A coyote has such great hearing, it can hear a mouse under a foot of just wow....

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