Friendship Party!

    Today, there is a new item, the octopus table. Honestly, I sense a theme of animals. A frog rug and octopus table. Hmm..... Wonder what AJHQ is going to release next, a horse chair? I don't have a picture of it right now so sorry. Basically, it is a octopus holding up a piece of glass so it looks like a table. There is your description.

      I went to the Friendship Party today and took some snapshots of my favorite parts in it. Number one, the chocolate fountain. I would love to eat that chocolate. Doesn't it look good?                                                                                   
      Number two, the little garden on the right side. It is peaceful and usually doesn't have that many people. I really like the waterlilies in the pond there.

        Last but not least, the circle on the left side where people like to stand. It is usually crowded or has at least one person there. The little heart sign right outside is adorable and I wonder what it says.


         Those are my adventures in the Friendship Party. Have fun, Jam on, be kind, at last of all:

Have a great week!



  1. There's been an update! also who is hosting the 2 million views partY?

  2. This is really very cute and I think friendship parties are always that much fun. I still remember that day when we all friends celebrated at a local venue NYC. It was so much fun and really miss all those good times.


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