Chinese New Year and February Carnival

General here! Today, AJHQ unveiled their newest party, the Chinese New Year Party! 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, so only monkeys can enter. That means a lot of Jammers are buying them so that they can go!

General's monkey at the Chinese New Year Party
Also, the Summer Carnival has been brought back...a few months early! This is because tomorrow marks the beginning of Carnival, which is a springtime celebration for many cultures.

The February Carnival
There is a new den, the Friendship Cottage. General had to buy this den, because it has an awesome slide...
The Friendship Cottage slide
There are new friendship-themed loading screens, too! One of these loading screens shows two goats. This means that they are coming very soon!

The new loading screens!
That's about it for today! Happy Chinese New Year (it officially starts on Monday) and Happy Carnival!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!
    I love how you take the time to make GIFs and take screenshots for us, it's really helpful. :)
    Looking forward to your next post General!


  2. Hey there! how can i make a blog for free all years?


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