Old/New Secrets

        I'm back today and there is one new item in stores, the Clover wand. Much like the Heart wand released in early February to promote the upcoming spring festival and St. Patricks Day thing. Are you excited about it or not?
         Like I said, there will be some secrets revealed now. They may be old or new to you depending on what your status is and how long you have been playing. First, there is the arctic fox door. Some may remember a seal door in Mt. Shiveer. Now, the arctic fox door has replaced it. You can see the shape next to the polar bear banner. I wonder if this one will actually lead to a room like the trapdoor in the Temple of Zios.

           The couple others require a flying animal. First one is in the Temple of Zios. You see the elephant statue on the map, right? Yet, you have no idea where it is. You need a flying animal to get there. You basically go up the Temple of Trivia game and tada! There it is! For the non members out there, here is a photo. A note: the owl is my brother's. I don't hack people ok?

             For this one, you need a flying animal and to go to Coral Canyons. Once you are there, try to go to the den shop and then fly up. You will see a shop up there nestled between the clouds. It is the Royal Ridge. It is quite awesome actually and you may never know this if you don't go exploring. Here is the outside of the shop and what it sells.

            In the shop, there is actually one more page and it is a clothing rack for members. One thing that puzzles me however is that you need a flying animal to access this shop. Yet, there is a non member item there and I wonder why. Maybe it is for the members to buy and put on trade for everyone. It is like the barrel in the Horses Only party. Basically, the barrel is Non member and the horse is a member animal.
              This is what I love about AJ. There is always something new to discover if you look hard enough. Be kind, jam on, and have fun!

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