Epic update!

Hey everyone, welcome to a new post by Ferret! In this week's issue of the Jamaa Journal, we have... New Halloweeny loading screens. (which are too fast for me to screen cap, sorry) A returning adventure:
Bitter Sweets! I love Halloween and the prizes from this adventure. I will update with some once I get them :P
A returning den with a new name, which probably hurts poor Firetigerx's feelings. We're there for you, Firetigerx. EDIT: The new den is very different. I LOVE IT!!!
The Epic Haunted Manor? I like Haunted Mansion better. I love the Phantom Vortex. Last January, I waited forever for it. 
Also, there is a new(ish) party and bats! I loooooooovvvveeeeeeee this style xD. 
The Spooky Party would be toured and bats revealed, but the next one is around 5:00!!!! Really AJHQ? Edit: Re-editing in 10 minutes.
Now the movie theater items are out and something that everyJammer has wanted:
Games everywhere! This also updated the NotEnoughGems screen with an "earn some" button.
They should have given wolf animals a discount! Probably a one-time thing :C
There was also an ad for "Two MORE WEEKS of these JAMAASING pet FERRETS!!!!!!!"
But I didn't include it, as blogger puts a limit on the number of images in one post.
Here are the theater items which I can't afford, and nonmembers can't buy :','(
Thanks for reading my post,

EDIT: Will post video with loading screens and fake Nemachu once it uploads, and spooky party tour in an hour.
Update: Bad internet, check my channel.


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    1. *rolls eyes at spammer* You know nothing about Animal Jam.

  2. I think everyone these a kid side to the but u just need to let it out even if u say the kid side of u is gone LET IT OUT AND GET UR KID SIDE A TEST DRIVE


  4. I hope you will keep in submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience among us.


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