Authors please see the new draft

It has to do with the new prize box.


  1. I'm expecting the following:
    ferretlove ur so unprofessioanl no 1 cares!11!11!!111
    From anonymous the dearest....
    Delete this please, it is unecassary
    From Anonymous
    Okay, I will :)
    From an author
    From anyone pretty much lol. (FYI for the authors to check drafts and read the newest one so that they know how to use the PrizeBox (see the last post)
    Your post made me learn so much keep posting!
    From Mobile App Developers (a spammer lol)
    I will!
    From someone who is NOT an author!
    Why did you even post this, Ferret? So unprofessional :T
    From our dearest anon (fyi this is to KEEP it professional, so no authors make confused posts)
    That's it, and please note this comment wasn't to offend anyone, it was a joke lol!

    1. This is NOT first comment btw.

    2. I think AJ is for everyone no mater what ppl see in many ways but we see the same things get ur kid on don't quit because u ran out of ideas just be ur self but the kid side of u

  2. Ok ferret many people are anonymous because they don'[t have a Gplus account so ya that may offend some people including me.................

  3. She didn't mean it personally, just to the rude anonymous people. She wasn't talking about you.

  4. Replies
    1. Whew, i'm glad this didn't start a huge argument!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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