Hello Jammers and welcome back to another post every friday from Grace2092 for your entertainment!

Since none of our crew members posted, which I am sorry of, then I will take over the Jamaa Journal. I am sorry we have not been on a good posting schedule, we are working on it.

1. October is here and its time for cheer! Halloween is soon so time to tune! (cheesy) Anyway our first thing is tarantulas! I think tarantula pets are adorable and cute, lucky we have them! Buy them at the diamond shop as soon as you can! 
There is a cute drawing I found on the internet of a Animal Jam tarantula!

2. Mystery Animal! What could it be? If you could leave in the comments what you think it is that would be great! I am going to look around Jamaa to find a hidden clue :D

3. Haunted Forest Party! This sounds fun and I am sure to go! I hope I can go with someone! Well, tell me what you think about it!

4. Well thank you for reading my post. I know it was not the best but I hope you like it. I have a few questions though. 1. What do you think the new animal is? 2. Do you like the new update? 3. Am I the only one who is being locked out of my account? I called AJHQ and they say they are having difficulties. Hmm.

Anyway have a great weekend! Keep Jamming, Bye!!!

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  1. 1. I think the new animal is an arctic fox. It's almost winter time anyway! The clue is somewhere in Mt. Shiveer for a hint where to find out what this new animal looks like. Let's hope that it won't look weird like what they did with several animals.

    2. I really like the update! Pretty exciting since there are new items for Halloween and an animal that might look cool (if it's a canine, I'm a dog fan)!

    3. If you're talking about the bug that says "there is no match with that user", then you're not the only one. This happened to me 2 weeks ago and it almost took a whole week for it to be fixed. I thought I was hacked that someone changed my user but when I searched for my user in my storage account, it still exists! That was when I thought that it was another one of those annoying glitches...


  2. Hey, great post Grace. I can cover every post of the week that people can't do, however, I can't post updates - I post at a different time zone, and the update is never on when I can post! Sorry about that!

    That is one small paw... I wonder what animal it could belong to!

    I haven't been on AJ today, I'll have to see if it glitches for me too!

    - Arctic

  3. new animal is artic fox. be sure to save 10 gems to buy it!

  4. I think the new animal is arctic fox or red panda
    Plz Ajhq make it not in da diamonds shop


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