Late Post - Spooky Pops!

I am so sorry about how late this post is! I slept in big time this morning, as I had a long day yesterday. I completely forgot about today being Sunday! For this reason, I won't be able to do a detailed post - no Jammer Sundae or Facts, because I have to leave to do important business soon. However, I will make it up for you on tomorrow's post! I am so sorry!

Today's new item is the Spooky Pops. These little guys are meant to look like a stand of cute little Night of the Phantoms related monsters. I would definitely suggest getting this if you are making a halloween party - the best part is that they are non-member! Be sure to buy one of these for 300 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

Again, my apologies for this pathetic excuse for a post. I will be sure to wake up on time tomorrow to do a nice post!

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