Skull Balloons, and Beautiful Tigers!

Greetings, Jammers, Arcticstar here! How are you all doing today?

Today we have a returning item: The Skull Balloon. Now this item to me is oddly terrifying. It is almost as if the lack of eyes are staring at you!

~ Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you ~

Anywho, it is still a decently designed item. The colour options are very nice, which is always good, as I like having lots of neat choices about what colour my outfit is going to be! One issue, however, might be that it does not look a lot like a skull, and rather, looks like a wonky cuttlefish, or a ghost lollipop! Overall, though, it is a very nice Night of the Phantoms related item, which I can definitely appreciate! Be sure to buy this item for 375 gems in Jam Mart Clothing while it's still around!

And now, it is time for the fantastic factual part of this post!

Our wondrous word of the day:

Lucid: Transparently clear; easily understandable

Somehow, this is a rather beautiful, yet scary word just by the sound of it. How mysterious!

Our fantastical fact of the day:

There is such thing as a rare Golden Tiger. There are only about 30 of these in the world today, and they are strikingly beautiful!
I love seeing rare types of common animals - it is so fascinating!

Happy Jamming, my friends! I shall be back tomorrow with another post ^.^

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  1. They are also called Srawberry Tigers. I agree, they ARE pretty! Breed these guys people, we need more tigers in the world. I read there is only about 3,200 tigers in the world today! Save the tigers!!!!!

    1. Strawberry Tigers? What a wonderful name!

      The world needs more animals in general - especially species such as tigers. If they go extinct, I'm afraid the world will be sorry they didn't do anything to help out!

  2. ??? That sounds pretty close.


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