Stegosaurus Items, Returning Star Hat and Pet Selection Screen Glitch!

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! 

Today we have two returning items. The Stegosaurus Tail and the Stegosaurus Armor. You might be able to make a cool Charizard outfit with the tail and some wings! Buy these two at the Summer Carnival:

Yesterday's new item was the Star Hat! This is a returning item from the Summer Carnival. I personally think this item looks the best on rabbits. Either way, buy it for 2,000 tickets!

We also have a glitch from Lara! Click here for her post on the glitch.
She had a lot of odd occurrences with her pets recently!

If you couldn't tell, the rhino doesn't have a diamond in the bottom left corner of it's box. Do you think more pets will be non-member? Comment what you think below!

 And that's all for today Jammers! See you back on Thursday..? Or maybe Tuesday still? Who knows! p.s. To authors, check the note left by Slidoo below, Thanks!


  1. Thank you for also posting the link. I hope I helped!

  2. That is not a glitch. All of my buddies and I have experienced it as well, and other jammers are too. I think AJHQ just had a change of heart and decided to make some former Diamond Shop pets gem pets.

    1. Maybe! But that one is a glitch. The rhino is still diamond in the Diamond So, how? Is it diamond in one place and not in the other?

  3. I wear that hat all the time and my main's a rabbit and it looks AWESOME!


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